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Mufflers for tractors

For more than forty years we have been producing mufflers for engines, in particular tractors, garden tractors, construction trucks, generating sets, motor pumps, fire fighting units, lighting towers, innovative high abatement silencers.

Starting from the internal elements up to their external coating, OMAS MOTOR mufflers are entirely made of aluminized steel, particularly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures. The high thermal conductivity of this material, which allows greater heat transmission to the entire surface, also allows for a better reduction of exhaust fumes compared to traditionally used iron. The mufflers are made by molding, which greatly reduces the presence of external welds and consequent breaking points, while ensuring better resistance to wear and vibrations. In this way, starting from 15 pre-printed basic modules, the company can produce up to 70 different models of mufflers.

Inside these mufflers there’s a double body (two elements), in which each body acts on the fluid dynamics of the exhaust both as a dissipative silencer through the action of the perforated elements, and as a reactive silencer thanks to the variation of the gas path. The performance is finally optimized by the absence of vents in the interlocking points: obtained with the use of special anti-vent devices and bayonet couplings, tightened with special clamps of our design, it is one of the strengths of our products.

All the mufflers are offered in a standard version and in a silenced version, to obtain a further noise reduction. Our technical department will also study the most suitable solution in case of specific customer needs, customizing the product until the optimal result is obtained.


Production includes 2 standard types of internal circuits, which are also however highly customizable according to different applications.

According to the different formats, the mufflers are divided into the following categories:

  • Internal mufflers (under hood)
  • External mufflers (vertical)
  • Spare parts (for tractors, earthmoving machinery)
  • Special equipment for quarry and construction site trucks

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