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Our Industry 4.0 department was born from the desire to offer an increasingly better product with lower costs, including environmental ones, allowing us to make our products with lower emissions and energy costs. Everything revolves around the new technical office consisting of 4 workstations, where Solidworks and Solidcam are installed as CAD and CAM, always updated, interfaced with the software of the various machines so that from the project, the times and costs of realization of the first prototype are very short.

Our machinery

For the design and development in the industry 4.0 department we use high quality and constantly updated machinery

  • Liliam 3 Axis machining center
  • Blm Elect 150, fully electric, 9 axis tube bending machine
  • Blm Elect 80, fully electric, 9 axis tube bending machine
  • Adige LT5 tube laser
  • 6-axis 3D laser Blm Adige LT 360
  • ATB test bench simulator of acoustic various frequencies

Laser 3D LT 360

Considered a jewel of the technology of the Blm group, world leader in this sector, it is a 6-axis robotic laser cutting system which actually can be defined as having infinite axes. The only limit is the operator’s imagination.
This jewel, the first to be installed in Italy, in combination with the other assets allows us an unparalleled speed and precision in the prototype phase and then in production.
The final purpose of these investments is to offer our customers not only our consolidated business, but to participate in the design of their machinery by proposing all the work on tubulars such as frames, bumpers, roll bars and various tubular structures with the study of the various assemblies. for a correct optimization of spaces.
Another machine worth mentioning is the innovative ATB acoustic simulator test bench capable of mathematically controlling the reduction of noise in the various frequencies of heat engines.